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Love, Gratitude & Crystals

Witchy Slate Coaster by Curunír Crafts

Witchy Slate Coaster by Curunír Crafts

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These witty witchy slate coasters re sure to crack a smile!
Measuring 10cm x 10cm, you can choose your favourite above! 

Cant choose, why not buy them all?! 

Curunír: S. noun. man of craft, wizard*
Abergavenny-based Gene, lives up to his LOTR inspired business name with magical creations! Check out his selection of laser cut / engraved and painted slates, coasters, decorations and more.*
[Ety/366, LotR/III:VIII, LotR/B, VT/45:24] curu+dîr "man of skill"
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