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"LGC is such a magical community!

I I’ve learnt so much since being part of the LGC family and met some lovely people.

So much love and dedication from Dani goes into the sourcing, selling and packing of each Crystal.

All of the pieces I have found through Dani, have been absolutely beautiful! Each Crystal is cleansed, charged and blessed before being wrapped and packaged beautifully, ready to journey to its new home. I love the description cards that are sent with each piece; they provide plenty of knowledge and guidance, which is especially great if you are new to using Crystals.

It’s such a personal experience shopping with LGC, I wouldn’t even call it shopping; it’s just a wonderful, warming experience that brings a lot of joy to my life"


“When I first found the LGC group I was going through something rather big, I still am, I joined a free card reading with Dani one night and while shuffling the deck to pull my card one jumped from the deck and threw itself onto the table, the one that jumped was so so so spot on and couldn’t have been anymore relevant to what I had just done that day (again a huuuuuge thing to me) and I sat balling my eyes out the whole time she read threw it’s interpretation. Shortly after that I placed my first order with Dani and when it arrived I was so blown away. The care and consideration put into the wrapping made it even more special. I have such a connection with the labradorite palm I bought, it even came with a little ‘r’ on it just for me 🥰I love being able to find just the right gifts for my friends at a great value.”