Don't Just Take Our Word for it...

Here are some of the lovely things LGC Customers have commented on the products and service from us.

"I absolutely love my crystals from LGC!

They are always beautifully wrapped, protected & information cards reference to each crystal.

Every crystal is cleansed before you get them which just intensifies the energy when you unwrap them.

Dani has actually now become a really close friend to me and just radiates love to you.

Highly recommend buying your crystals here"


"You always know when it’s an LGC parcel before the postie even knocks.

Such beautiful packaging, each crystal lovingly wrapped individually inside too.

I love all the colours, so beautiful!

And the crystals, well I have no words, they just amaze me every single time!"


"I love ordering my crystals from Dani.

Not only that she is an inspiration to us all, but she take pride in what she does and packages each order with love!

She also takes the time to make little descriptions of each crystals properties to be send with orders.

Dani always has a massive range of different products at amazing prices"


"When the door bell rings and its my crystal delivery I get butterflies!

Not just because of the most beautiful crystals that are hidden inside, it's the care and detail that goes into the cleansing and the wrapping that is always colour coordinated with each crystal, it's a box and or bag or pure joy and sent with love and thanks and I just love them."


"Always beautifully packaged with love, the energy of these crystals is palpable as soon as I touch the box.

And perfect for a novice crystal user too with great information contained!"


"Getting parcels from Dani B is like opening Christmas presents.

Not only are the crystals well protected they came all individually wrapped, you get little notes from Dani all about your crystals which is amazing personal touch.

I can't wait for my next delivery date of more shiny stuff which warms my heart and soul"


"I Love receiving crystals from Dani. They are always packaged so well & arrive so quick.

I always look forward to receiving the subscription box every month, always new pretty crystals plus other products too."


"Absolutely love LGC! Top quality crystals, lovingly packed and sent with care. Dani is awesome!

All crystals come with a beautiful little note explaining their qualities and you also get one!

Dani makes you feel special and will do anything to help you and guide you.

I love being part of the Love,Gratitude & Crystals family. A really supportive group."


"Amazing quality, beautiful crystals and stunning packaging.

They look so nicely wrapped I sometimes feel guilty opening them!"


"Beautiful crystals and fantastic quality.

Dani has fantastic knowledge on all her crystals she sells.

Delivered and packaged beautifully"


"When it's an LGC delivery day, you'll look out for your box of treasures! You can always spot it a mile off with its beautiful calligraphy on the front & secure wrapping, then to open, you stop everything and take it like a crystal goblin to open your goodies!

Each crystal is wrapped with care, including tip protection for your towers, they're all cleaned before arrival so the box is normally buzzing with vibrations, plenty of shredding to cushion their journey. Let's not forget the personalised message and each crystal will have their own mini fact sheet with directions on their properties & instructions on intention settings..

It's such an amazing experience as you've already been connected to your crystal, because they will shout at you to be purchased... so they're basically just coming home!

Everything is sent with love & light and this radiates through every delivery I've received"


“Receiving my crystal order from Dani (LGC) is always a treat.

The time and attention that is taken is so evident in each and every crystal, from the smell of the incense from cleansing them to the beautiful packaging, the love and passion that goes into everything makes them even more special.

Dani is always so full of knowledge and help when it comes to choosing mine and my daughters crystals, thank you Dani x”


“Dani's shop is just stunning. Both Dani and her crystals have such great energy too. (They are fantastic to meditate with!)

Dani hand-picks everything in her shop. When you choose your babies she cleanses their energy and wraps them beautifully, choosing tissue paper and tape that looks pretty against the crystals' colours.

She even gives you little cards to let you know the properties of your crystals and how to use them.

The package smells divine too - just like the wonderful incense in her shop. The whole experience feels like such a treat - just like crystal shopping should be.”


"It's like being a child and opening a special gift that you know you don't have to share with your siblings.

Each parcel is treated with lots of love, care and respect. The smells hit you before you see anything, each crystal is individually wrapped and cared for.

It really shows how much effort and presentation goes onto each delivery.

I love receiving crystals and if it wasn't for this group I wouldn't of found my fire quartz which has kept me balanced through this whole pandemic."


"It’s like receiving a Christmas present every time I receive a delivery from Love, Gratitude & Crystals! 

They always come beautifully packaged with recycled shredded paper and beautiful stickers around tissue paper. It’s like having lots of presents inside a Christmas present.

All the crystals are of the finest quality, and are beautiful and always reasonable prices.

Always a delight to receive a box of beauties from Dani Britten the LGC community is a lovely place to learn about crystals and make friends and learn about crystals"


"LGC is such a magical community. I I’ve learnt so much since being part of the LGC family and met some lovely people.

So much love and dedication from Dani goes into the sourcing, selling and packing of each Crystal. All of the pieces I have found through Dani, have been absolutely beautiful!

Each Crystal is cleansed, charged and blessed before being wrapped and packaged beautifully, ready to journey to its new home. I love the description cards that are sent with each piece; they provide plenty of knowledge and guidance, which is especially great if you are new to using Crystals.

It’s such a personal experience shopping with LGC, I wouldn’t even call it shopping; it’s just a wonderful, warming experience that brings a lot of joy to my life"


"I have never received a more beautiful order than this!

The amount of thought and love that has gone into it is so lovely!

Thank you so much Dani...

I’ll definitely be back!!