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Tarot Reading with Didi

Tarot Reading with Didi

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Ready for a glimpse into your future? 
Didi is offering in-person tarot readings at The Crystal Shop and online tarot readings through Whatsapp while she hones her skills at Tarot School, and you can snag one from just £10!
These sessions are a unique opportunity to:
Gain insights into your current situation and potential paths forward.
Support Didi's journey as a future tarot reader!
Event: Tarot reading practice sessions with Didi
Location: in-person The Crystal Shop - Crickhowell; online through WhatsApp
Format: Receive your reading live, with a write up provided within 7 days.
  • 3 Card Reading - Past ~ Present ~ Future
  • Two Path Spread - When a decision needs to be made
  • Relationship Spread - for matters of the heart/friendships
  • Celtic Cross - Full General Spread - insight into situation, significant factors and future outcome.
Price: From £15 for 3 cards - £30 for a full spread (special introductory price)
Availability: While Didi is in training
This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in getting a tarot reading or supporting Didi in her learning journey.

Limited spots available! Schedule your ideal time to make a booking!

**Don't miss out on this chance to experience the magic of tarot at an amazing price! **
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