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Sweet Majoram Essential Oil (10ml)

Sweet Majoram Essential Oil (10ml)

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The essential oil has a mild sweet, minty and woody aroma

The plant
Marjoram is a cold-sensitive perennial herb or undershrub with sweet pine and citrus flavours. In some Middle Eastern countries, marjoram is synonymous with oregano, and there the names sweet marjoram and knotted marjoram are used to distinguish it from other plants of the genus Origanum.

The extraction
The leaves and flowers are wild harvested and then dried and steam distilled. 

Marjoram is especially useful during times of sadness and grief due to its warming and comforting properties. Very supportive for the nervous system; calming and relaxing. Marjoram is also warming and strengthening. It soothes everyday aches and pains and is useful for supporting respiratory & digestive systems

Sweet marjoram was used by the Greeks, and was one of the common pot-herbs found in most early American gardens. It was widely used in beverages and broths, meats, baked goods, stuffing, and condiments.

rosemary, chamomile, cedarwood, thyme, sage, rosemary, cypress and tea tree.

Suggested directions for use:
Add 6-10 drops in a bath.
Mix 5 drops with water to use in an oil burner.
Mix 6-10 drops with hot water as an inhalation.
Mix 5 drops per 10ml of carrier oil for massage.

Do not take internally.
Keep away from children and eyes.
If pregnant or have a medical condition consult your practitioner before use.
If oil gets into eyes splash out with water, seek medical advice if necessary.
If unfamiliar with essential oils seek advice from a practitioner.

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