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Satin Spar “Selenite” Tower Tea Light Holder

Satin Spar “Selenite” Tower Tea Light Holder

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These beautiful Satin Spar Sculptures have a gorgeous gentle cleansing energy. They stand at 8cm tall and are 8cm in diameter. Exquisitely carved, these Satin Spar Sculptures contain a hollowed out space which mean they could be used as tealight holders. They look particularly beautiful when lit. Light Stands (as pictured) are available separately here: LIGHT STANDS

Spiritual Energy Cleansing 

Satin Spar is often mis-sold as Selenite, and although. different comes from the same family (gypsum) and contains the same properties. It is best known for being a clearing & purification crystal. It can be used to clear the aura from negativity or stuck energy, and to clear crystals by placing them on top of a flat piece of Satin Spar.

Satin Spar is not only self-charging, but can also charge other crystals. It is however one of the most fragile crystals and can easily splinter or snap so handle carefully and whatever you do: DON'T GET IT WET! It will start to dissolve!

 Satin Spar is an ideal stone to place it in the living room and the bedroom for good vibrations. It is recommended to keep this stone near your house or apartment's front door, as this powerful crystal can help clear any negative vibes you've come across through the day.

Please note, all crystals are naturally different and the pictured item is for example purposes only. Your Satin Spar Sculpture will be handpicked for you by Didi.

Disclaimer: Whilst it is widely believed that crystals have metaphysical properties and are used for healing purposes: be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, this does not guarantee that you will experience or benefit from any such properties or products sold by Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd.

Please note, this description is not intended to provide you with specific health or well-being advice. It only expresses the opinions of Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd. & should be used as a guide only. For medical advice please consult your GP ( or other licensed health care professional)

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