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Rebirth Mala Necklace

Rebirth Mala Necklace

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Inspire new beginnings and move through transition & change by overcoming fear.'

This mala consists of 108 beads on an elastic band. It can be used as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist.

The necklace is made with natural crystals, carefully carved to make the perfect sphere showing the unique beauty held in each one. There are four Crystals on our Rebirth necklace, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Apatite and Emperor Jasper.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of 'universal love', purifying and opening the heart to promote self love and deep inner healing.


A stone that opens the mind to see different points of view, calms negativity and helps manifest universal love.


Please note that this is incorrectly identified as 'Turquoise' in the leaflet within the gift box. Apatite is particularly useful as a manifestation crystal - bringing your dreams to reality. 

Emperor Jasper

The 'Supreme Nurturer', a stone with a vibration that relieves stress, and provides comfort & stability.

Lotus Flower

It has a small pendant engraved with a lotus flower (the ultimate symbol of rebirth and enlightenment) in a silver colour at the end.

Gift box/packaging

This necklace is presented in a cotton draw string bag, which is then displayed in a beautiful pinewood carved box, which makes it the perfect gift.


Beads: Rose Quartz,  Amazonite, Apatite & Emperor Jasper (8mm)
Pendant: Silver Colour Metal
Length:  45cm - 108 beads - 2cm Pendant


Tool to use for meditation & prayer
Comes with a wooden gift box
Elastic string for multi-purpose wearing
Promotes connection
Thoughtful gift
Handmade Mala
Healing necklace

How To Use/Wear

In yogic tradition, a crystal necklace is used during the Japamala practice and is known as a Mala. It is used as a tool to focus the mind during meditation or count Mantras in sets of 108 repetitions.

A mala may be worn however you feel most comfortable wearing it. They are a beautiful piece of jewellery and feel natural to wear. The purpose of a mala is to help you with whatever intentions you set for it. Enjoy wearing a mala necklace and tune in with your personal intentions and goals while benefiting from the energies.

Always store the mala in a safe place, for example the drawstring bag it comes with it or in a jewellery dish or box.

Please note, all crystals are naturally different and the pictured item is for example purposes only. Your Mala will be handpicked for you by Dani B.

Disclaimer: Whilst it is widely believed that crystals have metaphysical properties and are used for healing purposes: be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, this does not guarantee that you will experience or benefit from any such properties or products sold by Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd.

Please note, this description is not intended to provide you with specific health or well-being advice. It only expresses the opinions of Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd. & should be used as a guide only. For medical advice please consult your GP ( or other licensed health care professional)

Inside the box is also a small information booklet, which allows the recipient to see what stones they have received, and the meaning behind their beaded crystal necklace.

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