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Rachel H - Live Sale Basket

Rachel H - Live Sale Basket

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Orgonite Necklace - £15

Tumble Stone Mix - £15 


Lepidolite Wolf-£14

Labrodorite Monkey-£18

Cherry Blossom Tower-£11

Cherry Blossom Tumble-£3

Coconut Candle - £14

SpellWork For Self-Care Book- £10

Crystal Magic Journal Book -£12.99

Transform Bracelet - £8 

Black Obsidian Chunk -£1.50

Cat Eye Heart-£4.50

Breath Necklace -£14

Cherry Blossom Sphere-£22

Jelly Stand -£6 


Zodiac Light Stand £20
Lotus LIght Stand £14
4x Mini Spheres £22
Mini Satin Spar £8
Selenite Plate £13
Palo Santo & Florida Water £2.50
Holy Smoke Incense £2.50
Palo Santo & Copal Incense £2.50

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