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The Own It & Rise Business Planner (6 months undated)

The Own It & Rise Business Planner (6 months undated)

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The 6 Month Undated Planner  

The Own It & Rise Planner has been designed with all the tools you need to keep your life organised throughout the next 6 months

Hold yourself accountable, identify and start hitting your goals, and get yourself organised with this beautiful and unique planner designed specifically for business owners like you.


  • Daily Planning space - with 6 pages of planning and journalling space per week

  • Weekly Planning and Reflection - to combat overwhelm and get sh*t done.

  • Monthly Calendars - for remembering all those important events and dates coming up.

  • Goal Setting and Visualisation tools - helping you to plan our your best life.

  • Income, Expenditure & Debt Trackers - keep on top of your finances.

  • Plan your year with Quarterly Goals and Targets.

  • Space for your business (or compensation) plan and/or price list, keeping your essential information to hand wherever you go.

  • Contact pages for your customers/team.

  • A Lead Tracker - allowing you to keep up to date and convert those leads into sales and recruits.

  • Weekly Team Review Pages - removable if not needed.

  • Weekly and Daily Social Media Content Planners - keep consistent online to build a loyal tribe who trust you.



You're an Online Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Network Marketer.

You struggle to focus.

You want to feel more organised in your business but have no idea where to start.

You are always juggling several different tasks and feel overwhelmed with how much you have to do.

You know that success is meant for you but you need help to stay accountable.

You find staying consistent online almost impossible because you have so much going on in your life.

Your goals feel "too big" and unachievable



If you're looking to take control of your time and boost your productivity, this planner is for you.

In my opinion there's nothing quite like getting pen to paper and I absolutely LOVE a good plan. 

I have tried almost every planner on the market and while all of them have had their own great points, I never felt that any offered all the things I needed at my fingertips and so I was forever sticking odd bits of paper in here and there that would often get lost, or having about three different books on the go! Not ideal!

One day, my best friend, Nat, suggested that I create my own planner, and that was the moment the idea for The Own It & Rise Planner was born.

What if I could design a planner, specifically for online business owners, which, along with daily planning space, would incorporate a social media content calendar, journal, space for business strategy/compensation plans, goal setting, and productivity trackers?

I knew that this would be a life-changing tool, and I've spent a great deal of time researching and designing this planner especially for you to support your aspirations and daily life.

Here's to planning and success! With love, light & gratitude, Dani B xx



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