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Laura JM - Live Sale Basket

Laura JM - Live Sale Basket

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2x Rhodochrosite Towers - £100

Sea Moss Heart-£14

Stop Bugging Me Rollerball - £5.95
Pyrite Chunk - £2.50





To pay when stock arrives: Sharman Caselli Tarot Deck-£14.99

Live Sale 21/04/24 = £112.16

Black Tourmaline Chunk £3.16
Black Obsidian Chunk £0.79
Small Satin Spa Tower £6.32
Amethyst Geode £37.92
Labradorite Heart £10.27
Carnelian Hearts £6.32
Black Obsidian Tower £11.85
Druzy Moon £6.32
Druzy Star £4.74
White Druzy Heart £24.47

Live Sale 14/04/24 = £94

Smoky Citrine-£10

Broken Blue Calcite-£10

Rhodochrosite Mini Sphere-£20

Clear Quartz Point-£2

Teg's Small Butterfly Hair Clip-£15

Small Citrine Tower-£6

Small Citrine Tower-£7

Holy Smoke Incense-£2.50

Palo Santo & Florida Water Incense-£2.50

Palo Santo & Copal Incense-£2.50

Gene's Wife Mother Crystal Lover Coaster-£5.50

Gene's Crystal Hoarder Coaster-£5.50

Gene's Give Me All The Crystals Coaster-£5.50





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