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Hailey Dawn - Ambassador Live Sale Basket

Hailey Dawn - Ambassador Live Sale Basket

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Ruby In Kyanite-£19

The Things You See Only When You Slow Down Book-£8.99

Starry Eye Bracelet-£10

Adriana's Fight Club Soap-£4




Live Sale 31/03/24 - PAID

MUG £12.50

2x Gene's Witch Tote Bag £16
Sodalite Tower £14


Live Sale 10/03/24 

Defence Essential Oil £5.95
Stop Bugging Me Essential Oil £5.95
Joint & Muscle Ease Oil £5.95
Happiness Essential Oil £5.95
Dream Amethyst Specimen £8


Women's Wellness Blend Essential Oil £5.95

Live Sale 03/03/24

Blue Apatite Tower £22

Live Sale 25/02/24

Flower Petal Agate Tower £14


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