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Daily Planning Desk Pad

Daily Planning Desk Pad

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You've never planned quite like this before!

Available in Yellow & Blue, or Pink & Cream; map out your day quickly and intentionally with these A4 Tear Off Desk Pads.

Featuring mindset & journalling prompts and Didi's unique daily social media planner; you can easily schedule your plans & appointments within half hourly time slots, and prioritse your to do list along with a handy water tracker to remind you to keep hydrated. And to help you build healthy planning habits, don't forget to give yourself a reward!

Didi came up with the idea of creating Daily Planning Desk pads, whilst re-designing The Own It & Rise 6 month planner. She wanted to keep it compact so you can take it wherever you go, but needed to compromise on the daily plan space. The Desk pads work perfectly to complement the 6 month planner, allowing you to plan in greater detail at your desk, yet take your plans with you!


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