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Love, Gratitude & Crystals

Colour Changing Zodiac Light Stand

Colour Changing Zodiac Light Stand

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Beautiful Laser Cut LED Light Stand, perfect for translucent Spheres / Towers / Clusters

These lovely light stands are USB powered and gradually cycle through various different colours (as pictured). They have 6 circular spaces which could be used for tumble stones, smaller spheres or small towers to create a grid, or simply an aesthetically pleasing display. Alternatively these spaces would be an ideal way to display small items of jewellery! 

Please note, you cannot select one colour, the light cycles through the various colours continuously until turned off.  They do not include the plug adapter as they are universal, but can be powered by a laptop or USB point. They are very bright without a crystal on top so be careful when plugging them in! 

This listing is for the light stand only, the pictured tower can be purchased here: SATIN SPAR TOWER

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