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Chemica R - Live Sale Basket

Chemica R - Live Sale Basket

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Spiritual Awakening Incense-£2.50

Incense Stick-£2.50

Reiki Insence Sticks-£2.50

Green Aventurine Fist-£3

Cherry Blossom Fist-£3

Purple Mica/Lepidolite Raw-£5

Pistachio Calcite - £8

Kidney Hemitite Specimen-£8

Raw Pink Amethyst-£20

Raw Ocean Jasper Tower-£13

Orange Calcite Tower-£10

Honey Calcite Tower-£12

2x Rainbow Obsidian Moon -£8

3x Aura Quartz Point-£6

Moss Agate Cube-£4

Lepidolite Tumble-£3.50

3x Amethyst Tumble-£10.50

Milky Quartz Tumble-£10.50

3x Black Obsidian Sleeping Cats-£24






10x Pyrite Chunks £17.50
5x Black Obsidian Chunks £3.95
4x Mini Hearts £12
2x Cat Eye Hearts £6
3x Lepidolite Heart £18.96
Carnelian Heart £7.11
Shungite Sphere £5.92
6x Mini Sphere Mix £10.50
Ruby In Kyanite £16.59
Cherry Blossom Tower £15.01
Phoenix Leaf £6.32
Sea Jasper Palm £9.48
Irradiated Quartz  £5
Sodalite Moon £4.74
Sodalite Moon £5.53
Sodalite Star £7.11
Sodalite Star £7.11

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