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Chakra Soapstone Oil Burner

Chakra Soapstone Oil Burner

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Use to gently diffuse your essential oils.

7 to choose from, one for each chakra:
Root (Red)
Sacral (Burnt Orange)
Solar Plexus (Yellow)
Heart (Green)
Throat (Blue) 
Third Eye (Blue)
Crown (Purple)

Why not build the full collection of chakra oil burners gradually or receive an exclusive 20% discount when purchasing all seven together!

When not in use as an oil burner the top dish can be removed and the item could be used as a tealight holder.

This item can also be used as a wax melt burner however it is advisable to consider the size and depth of the bowl when adding wax to ensure it will not overrun the edges when melted.

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