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Chakra Phone Charm (PRE ORDER)

Chakra Phone Charm (PRE ORDER)

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Pre-Order Chakra Style Phone Charm

£20 Each!!!

Custom Order Done Within 30 Minutes

Shop Order!

Please note that this is a pre-order item, and your charm will be made to order. Once you have placed your order, it will take up to 30 minutes

To place a pre-order, please follow these steps:

Select the chakra or chakras you would like to include in your charm. You can choose from the following chakras:

Root chakra (red) - Represents grounding and stability
Sacral chakra (orange) - Represents creativity and sexuality
Solar plexus chakra (yellow) - Represents personal power and self-esteem
Heart chakra (green) - Represents love and compassion
Throat chakra (light blue) - Represents communication and self-expression
Third eye chakra (indigo) - Represents intuition and wisdom
Crown chakra (violet) - Represents spiritual connection and enlightenment
Select the type of charm you would like. We offer a variety of charm styles, including:

Beaded charm
Angel Charm
Gold style spacers
Silver style spacers

Add any additional instructions to your order, such as the length of the charm or any specific beads or colors you would like to use.

Choose from
Silver String.
Pink String.
Black String.

Please Use The Comment To Change The Style Of Beads!!!

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