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Arnica (50ml)

Arnica (50ml)

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ARNICA INFUSED OIL (Arnica Montana infused in Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil)

Supports blood flow. Relieves muscular and rheumatic pain, reduces bruises and swelling, cools insect bites.

Arnica oil is a highly therapeutic macerated oil made iwth 20% arnica flowers infused in high linoleic sunflower seed oil. Aroma free.

It supports healthy circulation and is especially therapeutic for bumps and bruises, helping the skin to naturally heal.

Arnica oil is also used to aid quick recovery of muscles & joints, especially as a base for sports massage oils.

It has all the benefits of arnica cream, but as it is just simply arnica infused in a base oil, it is without any other unwanted ingredients.

Arnica is the base oil in our Joint and Muscle Ease blend.

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