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#8 The Angel of Darkness - Angel Pendant Necklace

#8 The Angel of Darkness - Angel Pendant Necklace

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Sterling silver angel pendant with natural Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline gemstone beads on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

When things have got so dark and you feel like you’re near rock bottom this angel can guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel. Loosening the grip of fear, despair and those intrusive negative thoughts. It doesn’t matter how dark things get, when you drop into yourself and tune into the spark of life at your centre, that little light that shines inside reminds us we are all connected. Connected with our souls/selves, connected to the divine, connected to all that is.

Smoky Quartz gently dissolves negative emotions and grounds us so our emotions are less likely to run high. It serves as an anchor keeping us steady and bringing us back to our true selves. A protective stone that is a superb antidote to stress. Smoky Quartz helps with elimination and detoxification, both physically by supporting elimination of toxins from the body and teaching us how to leave behind influences and energies which no longer serve us. Smoky lifts depression, relieves fear and brings emotional calmness. Smoky Quartz promotes positive pragmatic thought, dissolves contradictions and improves concentration.

Black Tourmaline is the go to crystal for grounding and protection. It filters out unpleasant energies from your energy field, leaving you feeling clearer and lighter. The effect of black Tourmalines cleansing and protective qualities are greater clarity of thought as outside influences are taken out of the mix and we can more easily tune into what is right for us. When we are clearer we are more able to overcome destructive emotional patterns as that depressive black cloud dissipates and we can see the light that surrounds us.

"I make all of my Jewellery to order and charge the crystals with channelled healing and blessings before wrapping them in tissue paper ready to post. I keep my packaging simple and light to tread gently on the earth. A full description of the properties of the crystals and the angels purpose is included with an A6 greeting card with my angel poem. All of my Jewellery is made using carefully sourced natural gemstones and sterling silver with each piece being charged with channelled healing energies by me, Rachel Peacock, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master."

Disclaimer: Whilst it is widely believed that crystals have metaphysical properties and are used for healing purposes: be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, this does not guarantee that you will experience or benefit from any such properties or products sold by Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd.

Please note, this description is not intended to provide you with specific health or well-being advice. It only expresses the opinions of Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd. & should be used as a guide only. For medical advice please consult your GP ( or other licensed health care professional)

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