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#11 The Angel of Compassion - Angel Pendant Necklace

#11 The Angel of Compassion - Angel Pendant Necklace

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Sterling silver Angel Pendant with natural Rose Quartz and Amethyst gemstone beads on an 18inch Sterling Silver chain.

This little crystal angel was created with Grief in mind. It gently supports us on our journey through loss of any kind. If we recognise it, life is actually full of grief, just as it is full of love. Grief is love and when we allow ourselves to grieve, when those uncomfortable emotions have been allowed to pass, we return to a place of love. So whether the loss is a loved one, a pet, a favourite purse, a home, a job, a vehicle, a friendship or relationship / marriage, it's all grief and it all needs to be honoured. Grief is like a river, it needs to flow and this crystal combination will support you through murkiest of waters and the wildest rapids until you return to the shallow calmer waters.

Amethyst soothes and supports on many levels. A go to crystal for Insomnia, anxiety and balancing the will. Amethyst helps us to reach and maintain a state of inner peace. It offers sanctuary and protection. Amethyst balances highs and lows so we can remain centred and feel less scattered. Amethyst supports self control and was traditionally worn to prevent over indulgence. It provides some relief from sadness and grief, supporting us in coming to terms with loss.

Rose Quartz brings deep emotional healing and encourages self love. It teaches us about unconditional love and reminds us of the abundance of love that is available to us whenever we choose to tune into it. Rose Quartz is calming and reassuring, perfect during times of trauma or crisis. It supports us in releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache, soothing internalised pain. It supports us with accepting necessary change and comforts grief.

"I make all of my Jewellery to order and charge the crystals with channelled healing and blessings before wrapping them in tissue paper ready to post. I keep my packaging simple and light to tread gently on the earth. A full description of the properties of the crystals and the angels purpose is included with an A6 greeting card with my angel poem. All of my Jewellery is made using carefully sourced natural gemstones and sterling silver with each piece being charged with channelled healing energies by me, Rachel Peacock, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master."

Disclaimer: Whilst it is widely believed that crystals have metaphysical properties and are used for healing purposes: be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, this does not guarantee that you will experience or benefit from any such properties or products sold by Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd.

Please note, this description is not intended to provide you with specific health or well-being advice. It only expresses the opinions of Love, Gratitude & Crystals Ltd. & should be used as a guide only. For medical advice please consult your GP ( or other licensed health care professional)

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